A "Win" For Everyone

The MedEncentive program is a unique health care cost containment program that improves health and health care by rewarding both doctors and patients for using nationally accepted medical guidelines and educational material. In the process MedEncentive creates a win-win-win for the patient, physician, and employer/insurer.

We know these "wins" are working not only because of the cost containment our solution achieves, but also because of the enormous number of testimonials we receive on an on-going basis. We are also gaining the attention of health and health care thought leaders from across the country. A few of them are listed below. We invite you to see what these thought leaders have to say about MedEncentive. Then please take a moment to read the patient, physician, and employer/insurer testimonials. It is a great way to learn about the power of MedEncentive's method of win-win-win...

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