The State of Oklahoma and MedEncentive
are involved in the largest health improvement/ cost containment (Three-Part Aim) experiment ever attempted in the U.S.

Finally, a breakthrough in healthcare cost containment…


…achieved through an innovative incentive system that
rewards both doctors and patients for mutual accountability.


MedEncentive helps employers and insurers achieve cost control by rewarding both consumers and their doctors for incorporating “best medical practices” and advancing patient education and empowerment, while motivating healthy behaviors. To learn more about how MedEncentive aligns the interests of consumers and their doctors with employers and insurers to produce a “win-win-win,” visit our "Approach" section, above, or our constituency links, below.




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“The MedEncentive Program has been very beneficial to me.  It has increased my medical knowledge immensely.  Therefore, after reading the available articles, I now understand more in detail about my health problems as they pertain to my doctors visit.  I can now more effectively combine this knowledge with my doctors advice and prescription for better treatment.”


Patient - Oklahoma City, OK


“MedEncentive is a great program.  It's about time there is a survey to rate physicians!  Thank you”


Patient - Oklahoma City, OK

“I have found the program useful in increasing patient engagement, and think ultimately will lead to better health outcomes. It is user friendly and minimally disruptive to my normal workflow.”


Dr. Campbell - Oklahoma City, OK


“The educational materials are usually very thorough.  There are a broad variety of topics to prescribe.  I feel that I learn as well as the patients."


Dr. Webb - Stillwater, OK

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