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News Articles and Press Releases

MedEncentive and Validation Institute partner to guarantee employers cost savings - May 2021


Validation Institute financially guarantees MedEncentive - January 2021

Jim Stafford's article underscores MedEncentive's importance - September 2020

Buck and MedEncentive form partnership - September 2020

Wisconsin-based WPS Health - First Commercial Health Insurer to Pilot MedEncentive - June 2020

A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - MedEncentive Offers COVID-19 Information Therapy - April 2020

MedEncentive Program’s Effectiveness is Confirmed by the Validation Institute - January 2020


Yahoo Financial Publishes Healthwise Press Release Pronouncing MedEncentive as Potential Breakthrough - November 2019

Healthwise Press Release Touts MedEncentive as Potential Breakthrough in Effort to Lower Health Care Costs - November 2019

Peer-reviewed Journal Article Reports Study Confirms MedEncentive Program's Effectiveness - October 2019

Medical Library Association, South Central Chapter Annual Conference Keynote Speaker, Jeff Greene - October 2019

NextGen Event Includes MedEncentive's CEO, Jeff Greene - October 2019

United States Chamber of Commerce Invites MedEncentive CEO to Speak at Annual Healthcare Summit - October 2018

MedEncentive co-founder named to the Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame - October 2018

MedEncentive Study Selected for Important Health Research Conference - August 2018

MedEncentive earns fourth patent on health reform breakthrough - July 2018

Academy of Family Physicians names MedEncentive founder Jeff Greene, Patient Advocate of the Year - May 2018

Stanley Hupfeld Article- 'The Simple Solution' Highlighting the MedEncentive Model - February 2018

Get government out and let markets work in health care - November 2017

WellOK Health Literacy Webinar Invitation - October 2017

Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit - April 2017

United States Department of Commerce Invites MedEncentive to attend Canadian Health Conference - November 2016

MedEncentive Commemorating Health Literacy Month - October 2016

CEO, Jeff Greene Presentation at the AURP International Conference - September 2016

MedEncentive Innovator of the Year Award Winner - August 2016

Oklahoma House of Representatives Citation Honoring MedEncentive - June 2016

MedEncentive United States and Canadian Patents Announcement - June 2016

MedEncentive CEO Testifying in State of Washington - January 2016

MedEncentive: The Cure For What Ails U.S.- 2013

Stop loss carrier to use MedEncentive - November 2013

Medical startup, state partner in pilot study to curb healthcare costs - August 2013

Innovators: MedEncentive - July, 2013

MedEncentive selected for pilot program - July 2013

Executive Q & A: Jeff Greene- February 2013

Sun Life discount backs MedEncentive - January 2013

MedEncentive lands deal with PPO - October 2013

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