Patient Testimonials

A few of the thousands of Patient Testimonials...

  • "I really like the articles provided. They help me understand the nature of my health problems as well as how to treat them. You are providing a fine resource for people who wish to better maintain their health."

    • Pennsylvania beneficiary

  • "I think this is a brilliant idea!  Being informed is definitely influential!"

    • Oklahoma beneficiary

  • "Thanks- Many of us are not aware of natures of our illnesses and a session such as this can be very beneficial to all of us."

    • Florida beneficiary

  • "I really enjoy the benefits of this program."

    • Colorado beneficiary

  • "As I have said before, this program is very beneficial to both doctor and patient. Information flow is increased."

    • North Carolina beneficiary

  • "As a patient, I am thrilled to be getting $15. The fact that my employer is engaged in MedEncentive increases their value in my eyes. I believe this is great for all patients! I agree with the research that shows that individuals with more information make better health decisions."

    • Texas beneficiary

  • "MedEncentive is an awesome program!  As an HR professional, I recommend it to HR and Benefits professionals at other companies.  We have seen a decline in claims following the implementation of the MedEncentive Program."

    • Washington beneficiary

  • "Even though I am a medical professional, I still get a better insight into the medical problems I have.  Thank you for the articles."

    • Georgia beneficiary​

  • "I've been a Nurse for +25 years and have often heard that nurses and doctors are difficult patients because we don't like to admit we are ill. That said, we also don't like to admit there is information we may have forgotten in our years of practice. I appreciate the articles (and the option of choosing which to read) in providing continuing education as a professional and as a patient."

    • Arkansas beneficiary​

  • "I think it is very important to have a plan like this.  It keeps you on track and motivates you to be healthy."

    • South Carolina beneficiary​

  • "I find the MedEncentive Program experience to be a perfect "follow-up" tool.  Very often I have found myself in a position of wanting to know more and this is where I can find that information that pertains to my particular concern."

    • Nebraska beneficiary​

  • "This program is a great idea and helps motivate me."

    • New Mexico beneficiary​

  • "This is a very informative and educational program and it offers an insightful benefit to patients to understand their physical health along with other health resources."

    • Louisiana beneficiary​


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