Medical Provider Testimonials

  • "This is a unique tool to improve a critical component of health care- patient compliance."

    • Steve Connery, M.D.- Family Physician​

  • "I see it [MedEncentive] as a tool that's been a blessing for me and my patients."

    • Jenny Vickrey, M.D.- OBGYN​

  • "Finally somebody understands that today's healthcare is a team sport that must involve patient and physician to achieve an optimal outcome.  Congratulations to MedEncentive for the alignment of these dynamics to make healthcare work while reducing overall cost!"

    • Robert Roswell, M.D.​

  • "Hats off to MedEncentive!  They continue to be the innovator and leader in the clearly effective function of connecting and supporting the exchange of health information between patient and physician.  Both parties in this union benefit, and the clear winners are improved health outcomes at a lower cost.  Well done!!!"

    • William Bondurant, M.D.​

  • "MedEncentive is easy and quick to use... I think it serves as a good second opinion for me and provides valuable information to my patients.  And to top it off, the program increases my reimbursement and my patients are very motivated to get their co-pays back."

    • Todd Clapp, M.D.- Internal Medicine​

  • "As an endocrinologist who has spent the last 20 years trying to help employers address their healthcare issues, I want to lend my support to MedEncentive.  I am convinced that it is both effective and has a real ROI.  It should be a part of any comprehensive approach to health care reform, along with population health and assuring that patients are seeing the highest quality, efficient physicians and other providers."

    • E. H. Lamkin, M.D.- Endocrinology​

  • "Have had the pleasure of being acquainted with the MedEncentive team and very impressed with the model that they have developed.  Hopeful that we will be able to pilot their program in Canada some day!  Keep up the great work."

    • Lawrence Loh, M.D.​

  • "The employees think it's (MedEncentive) a very good concept, and the primary care physicians find it easy to use and applicable to what they're doing.  As a physician, I'm enamored with it because it enhances the communication between the doctor and the patient."

    • Robert Kenagy, M.D.- CMO, Wichita Clinic​


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