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If you have any questions or would like more information, our advisors will be happy to help.

If you are a Patient:

P: 855-289-0365

If you are a Medical Provider:

P: +1 855-289-0365


For all questions related to sales:

P: +1 405-420-1202



755 Research Parkway, Suite 440

Oklahoma City, OK  73104

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The MedEncentive® Mutual Accountability and Information Therapy (MAIT) Program is based on the Trilateral Health Accountability Model®.  This patented process uniquely combines human factors engineering, web technology and behavioral science to improve health and healthcare in a manner that has been proven to lower total costs and generate an authentic return on investment.


Health Literacy to Heal America® is a campaign to promote the advancement of true innovation in field of health literacy.  We welcome all interested parties to join us in this important campaign.


We are often asked why we spell MedEncentive® with an “E” instead of MedIncentive® with an “I.”  The “E” signifies the “evidence-based content” and proven value proposition of our program, plus the fact it is Internet or e-enabled.


No matter whether you’re a Democrat, prone to say, “it’s health literacy, stupid®” or a Republican moved to say “health literacy to make America great®, it is a topic that is purely non-partisan.      

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