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Solving America's Health, Healthcare, and Cost Crises: How to Make Value-Based Care Work

"I just finished reading your magnum opus white paper.  Congratulations on such a thoughtful publication.  I can’t imagine making things any more clear and convincing."

Alan Hollingsworth, M.D.

If you are really interested in lowering healthcare costs, you will want to read this important paper, by Dr. Susan Chambers and Jeff Greene.

The authors explain why it will take a solution that accomplishes twelve specific objectives (the Twelve-Part Aim, as opposed to the Triple Aim) to make value-based care work and solve America's health, healthcare and cost crises.  They state that:

No digital health, artificial intelligence, or genetic innovation; no predictive modelling, or financial scheme, or anything else, will ever achieve the Twelve-Part Aim, make value-based care succeed, or solve our country’s health, healthcare, and cost crises, without a proven, socially acceptable solution that educates and motivates patients to attain and maintain good health behaviors, and also provides a 'win' for the medical community.

Dr. Chambers and Mr. Greene present an abundance of empirical evidence to explain that, today, there is only one such solution--the MedEncentive MAIT Program.

To request a copy of this seminal paper, complete the form. 

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