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Filling Out a Medical Form

Supporting Studies and Literature

A Better Understanding of Patient Health Literacy Can Go a Long Way to Improving Outcomes – December 2018

Aligning Patient and Physician Incentives – October 2018

Association Between Health Literacy and Medical Care Costs in an Integrated Healthcare System – June 2015

Association Between Low Functional Health Literacy and Mortality in Older Adults: Longitudinal Cohort Study – March 2012

Building the Case for Health Literacy…Improving Health and the Bottom Line - 2018

Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS)

Cost Savings and Cost-Effectiveness of Clinical Preventive Care – September 2009

Differential Effects of Health Knowledge and Health Empowerment Over Patients’ Self-Management and Health Outcomes: A Cross-Sectional Evaluation – November 2012

Does Money Really Affect Motivation? A Review of the Research – April 2013

Effect of Financial Incentives to Physicians, Patients, or Both on Lipid Levels: A Randomized Clinical Trial – November 2015

Effects of a Workplace Wellness Program on Employee Health, Health Beliefs, and Medical Use: A Randomized Clinical Trial – May 2020

Effects of Health Care Payment Models on Physician Practice in the United States – July 2015

Empowerment, Motivation, and Medical Adherence (EMMA): The Feasibility of a Program for Patient-Centered Consultations to Support Medication Adherence and Blood Glucose Control in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes – September 2015

Functional Health Literacy and the Risk of Hospital Admission among Medicare Managed Care Enrollees – January 2002

Goal-Directed Health Care: Redefining Health and Health Care in the Era of Value-Based Care – February 2017

Half of American Adults Are Health-Care Illiterate – November 2017

Hawthorne Effect

Health IQ Releases “Health Literacy in the 50 States” Report – January 2019

Health Literacy

Health Literacy: The Solid Facts - 2013

Health Literacy: Understanding the Physician’s Explanations Are a Big Problem – February 2019

Health Literacy and the Risk of Hospital Admission -  December 1998

Health Literacy Impact on National Healthcare Utilization and Expenditure – November 2015

Health Literacy in Healthy People 2030 – August 2021

How Effective are Monetary Incentives?

How Health Care Capitation Payment Systems Work – February 2020

Impact of Medication Adherence on Hospitalization Risk and Healthcare Cost – June 2005

In Focus: Using Behavioral Economics to Advance Population Health and Improve the Quality of Health Care Services – March 2013

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Industry Slow to Improve Patient Health Literacy – November 2018

Information Therapy

Investing in Health Literacy and the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Agenda – February 2019

“Let Patients Help”: A Patient Engagement Handbook – 2016

Low Health Literacy: Implications for National Health Policy – October 2007

Nudge Theory

Operant Conditioning

Participatory Management

Patients and Health Literacy – April 2018

Patients’ Commitment to Their Primary Physician and Why It Matters – January 2008

Physician Job Satisfaction, Job Dissatisfaction, and Physician Turnover – July 2002

Physician Payment Methods: A Focus on Quality and Cost Control – August 2014

Promises and Guilt – January 2017

Put An End to Pilot Project-it is – April 2021

Reducing Low-Value Care and Improving Health Care Value – April 2021

Reinventing the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation – April 2021

Shared Decision-Making in Medicine

Social Determinants of Health

Sun Life Discount Backs MedEncentive – January 2013

Supplier-Induced Demand

The Association of Health Literacy with Preventable Emergency Department Visits: A Cross-Sectional Study – June 2017

The Association Between Health Care Quality and Cost – January 2013

The Case for Capitation – July 2016

The Costs of Limited Health Literacy: A Systematic Review – July 2009

The Health Literacy of America's Adults: Results From the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy – September 2006

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The Impact of Low Health Literacy on the Medical Costs of Medicare Managed Care Enrollees – August 2005

The Role of Health Literacy in Patient-Physician Communication – May 2002

The Science of Improving Motivation at Work – June 2021

Wellness Bleeding You Dry? – March 2021

Why Do People Keep Their Promises? An Experimental Test of Two Explanations – November 2008

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