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MedEncentive is a mobile-enabled healthcare cost containment service (SaaS).

Our customers are governments, self-insured employers, managed care plans, Medicare, Medicaid, health systems that offer health coverage, and any organization that underwrites health insurance. 

What we do is control healthcare costs and generate a proven return on investment for our customers.  In fact, we can now offer an unprecedented financial guarantee of a ROI to all types of health plans – private or public – in any health delivery system.

To prove our program’s effectiveness, we are committed to subjecting it to the rigors of publicly conducted studies that can be scrutinized universally against the highest standards of validity.


How we control costs is with a web-based patented process that offers customer-sponsored financial rewards to both doctors and patients with each office visit (or rewardable event) for accessing MedEncentive’s website to hold each other accountable for incorporating something called information therapy


The process motivates adherence to best clinical practices and healthy behaviors by creating important checks and balances between doctors and patients, called mutual accountability.


The MedEncentive program is easy to implement and maintain, loved by patients, and effective with even relatively low physician participation.

The reason the MedEncentive Information Therapy Program is so effective is, in part, because studies confirms that health literacy is the single strongest determinant of health status, life expectancy and medical costs


By financially rewarding doctors and patients for holding each other accountable for Information therapy, health literacy and compliance improves, which leads to better health and lower costsSimple yet effective.


Finally, a proven solution to the Triple/Quadruple Aim

 better health | better healthcare | lower costs | doctor and patient fulfillment

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