The Guarantee

An important first and only - In 2021, MedEncentive has achieved an astounding milestone. Validation Institute, an independent rating agency, formed by GE and Intel to separate fact from fiction in the field of population health, has certified the MedEncentive MAIT Program as one of the first, if not the only innovation, to have peer-reviewed and validated proof of achieving the coveted Quadruple Aim (i.e., improving health and healthcare, producing cost savings, and providing patient and physician fulfillment, in a full and normally distributed population).

An unprecedented guarantee - This certification, in and of itself, is an extraordinary accomplishment. But it gets even better. To underscore its confidence in both its evaluation and our program, the Validation Institute is taking the unprecedented step of financially guaranteeing MedEncentive customers, up to $25,000, that the MAIT Program achieves the Quadruple Aim.

Noted industry expert Al Lewis: "No one was more skeptical than I. Therefore, we subjected the MedEncentive program to every plausibility test in the book, and then some, and it produced compelling statistics in response."

When our guarantee is added to this independent certifying organization’s, there is simply no reason why every commercial insurer, government, self-insured employer, and risk-bearing health system shouldn’t adopt our program.

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