The State of Oklahoma Study

The Largest "Triple/Quadruple Aim" Experiment Ever Attempted in the U.S.

  • In 2010-11, legislators interested in controlling healthcare costs, asked MedEncentive if we would be interested in subjecting our program to the scrutiny of a public demonstration

  • A bill was drafted mandating a 3-year pilot to test the self-funding [cost containment] capabilities of MedEncentive's Mutual Accountability Program in the HealthChoice (the plan sponsor) population

  • HB1062 was passed by the Oklahoma Senate 46-0 and the Oklahoma House 86-9

  • The program succeeded in the pilot famously in terms of doctor and patient participation, reducing hospitalizations and emergency room visits, cost savings and return on investment


 View the Results from the MedEncentive and the State of Oklahoma Pilot

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