Mission Values & Vision

Our Vision

Through innovative incentives, we help employers, health insurers and governments of all types contain healthcare costs while engaging physicians and patients in ways that improve their behaviors and lead to better health. We believe that once our society understands all the benefits of motivating people to better health – and, in turn, happier, more satisfying lives – we will not only revolutionize our health care system, we’ll also help create a healthier world.

Our Core Values

We design our products, deliver our services, and manage our business based on these beliefs:

  • We believe innovative incentives are the key to better health and more affordable healthcare.

  • We believe in empowering people to help them self-manage their health.

  • We believe in using the power that exists in the doctor-patient relationship to improve health and healthcare.

  • We believe in the healing power of health literacy.

  • We believe in healthcare transparency.

  • We believe in taking advantage of free market principles in the delivery of healthcare.

  • We value collaboration with others in creating a win-win health environment.

  • We believe in a respectful, rewarding, intellectually stimulating, fun and challenging workplace.

  • We believe in delivering real value to our customers.

  • We believe in delivering a meaningful return on investment to our investors.

  • We are proud of the socially redeeming and purposeful aspects of our products and services.

  • We are committed to innovation.

Our Mission

To offer the best and most innovative healthcare incentive systems that deliver true value to our customers, while producing an attractive return on investment to our investors and creating an excellent work environment for our employees.

Control healthcare costs